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September 28-29, 2019


Romania is a place steeped in tradition. Preserved through the ages and marking the most important moments in one’s life, Romanian customs are commonly celebrated with lavish displays of homemade food and exquisite music, choreography, and crafts.

Music and Dance

Romanian folk dances, well known for their beauty and diversity, are characterized by virtuosity, energy, cheer, but also by elegance and style. Romanian folk dance tunes are performed by ensembles comprised of diverse instrument combinations.

Authentic Food

The important moments of the year, from the religious observances of Easter and Christmas, to agricultural calendar milestones, such as harvesting and reaping, are traditionally celebrated with a wide array of homemade dishes.

Arts and Crafts

Traditional handmade crafts are not only useful, but also decorative, with colorful and intricate designs. Embroidered, carved, painted or woven, the Romanian motifs range from circles and spirals, to stylized flowers and animals.

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